MINES ParisTech CAS - Centre automatique et systèmes

Industrial collaborations

Optimal control of delay systems in blending opeations, N. Petit, 2014-current
Control of gas-lifted wells, N. Petit, 2003-2006
Control of polymerization reactors. N. Petit, P. Rouchon. 1996-2004
Control of distillation columns, J. Lévine, P. Rouchon, 1988-1995

Control of multiphasis flows in wells and drilling operations. F. Di Meglio, N. Petit, 2008-2014

Schneider Electric
Sensorless control of electric drives. P. Rouchon, Ph. Martin, 1996-current
Identification for asynchronous drives. Ph. Martin, 1997-1999

Air Liquide
Control of high purity separation processes, P. Rouchon, 2009 -2012

Control of offshore Wind Turbines, N. Petit, 2013-current
Engine control. N. Petit, P. Rouchon, F. Di Meglio. 2003-current
Post treatment for automotive engines. N. Petit, 2006-2009. 2010-2014
Hybrid vehicles. P. Rouchon, 2005-2008. F. Chaplais, N. Petit, 2012-2015
Control of offshore platforms. J. Lévine, 2002-2008
Process control. N. Petit, 2003-2006

Optimal control of electric hot water tanks, N. Petit, 2013-current
Optimal heating of low consumption buildings F. Chaplais, N. Petit 2009-2012
Control of primary and secondary circuits. N. Petit, Ph. Martin. 2002-2005
Optimization mixed power production of microturbines. F. Chaplais, N. Petit. 2000-2001
Control of nuclear power plants. P. Rouchon, L. Praly. 1989-1991

Thales Avionics
Control of solid-state ring-laser, P. Rouchon, Ph. Martin, 2013-2016

General Electrics
Multiphasis flow modeling, F. Di Meglio 2015

Indoor Navigation. N. Petit 2011 -2014
Cooperative control of autonomous air and ground vehicles. N. Petit. 2004-2008

High accuracy positionning tables and hexapods. J. Lévine. 1997-2006, 2014-2015

Stabilization of exoskeleton. L. Praly, 2013-current

Control of microfluidic systems, N. Petit 2012-current

Control of magnetic bearings, J. Lévine, 2009 -2015, Ph. Martin 2015-current

Optimal control of landing. N. Petit 2015-current
Optimal control of ascent trajectories. N. Petit 2008
Optimal control of reentry. N. Petit 2003
Control for reentry vehicles, L .Praly 1999-2000

Cité des Sciences
Double inverted pendulum. Y. Lenoir. P. Rouchon 1999-2011 Y. Lenoir, N. Petit 2012-current

Nonlinear control of air and space vehicles. L. Praly. 1995-2005
Robust asymptotic stabilization of nonlinear systems by state feedback. L. Praly 2007-2010

Car automatic air conditioning system. Jean Lévine 1998-2001
Active control of windshield wipers, compact automatic clutch, antipinch window lift, intelligent booth lift. J. Lévine, 1996-2000
Semi-active control of suspensions. J. Lévine, P. Rouchon 1993-1995