Florent Di Meglio, Ph.D.



Associate Professor

Centre Automatique et Systèmes
MINES ParisTech



Welcome ! My name is Florent Di Meglio and I am Assistant Professor at the Centre Automatique et Systèmes (CAS) of MINES ParisTech, in France. My research interests include dynamic systems modeling, nonlinear control and estimation, distributed parameter systems, and various applications related to oil production. My current research focuses on boundary control and estimation of Partial Differential Equations, with applications to unstable oil wells and flowline risers, drillstring stick-slip oscillations, and UnderBalanced Drilling (UBD).


  • Former student of the Grande Ecole MINES Paristech, graduated in 2008

Current projects

  • 2016-2020 H2020 Marie-Curie EID - ITN project HYDRA (HYdraulic DRilling Automation) with TU/e and Kelda Drilling Controls. Project webpage
  • 2016-2020 ANR project MACSDRILL (Modeling And Control of Self-excited vibrations for DRILLing) with GIPSA-Lab and Kelda Drilling Controls


  • 2014 France-Berkeley Fund Award supporting the project "Analysis and Control of Grid-Integrated Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fleets" with Pr. Scott MOURA. Consequently spent 3 months as a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley. 

Ph.D. Students

  • Naveen VELMURUGAN, Estimation of reservoir parameters during drilling
  • Jean AURIOL, Control of hyperbolic PDEs using Volterra integrals


  • Miguel Angel DAVO NAVARRO, 2017 (1 year)
  • Ulf Jakob F. AARSNES, 2016 (3 months)
  • Thibault FANEY, 2014 (3 months)
  • Scott MOURA, 2013 (3 months)


  • Benoît BONNET, MS, 2016 (3 months)
  • Airton ALMEIDA DA SILVA, MS, 2016 (3 months)
  • Zejiang WANG, MS, 2015 (3 months)
  • Andre NOGUEIRA DE SA, MS, 2015 (3 months)
  • Michelangelo BIN, MS, 2015 (4 months)
  • Nassim RAZAALY, MS, 2014 (4 months)
  • Ulf Jakob F. AARSNES, Ph.D., 2013 (6 months)

Publications: journal papers

  • F. Di Meglio, F. Bribiesca Argomedo, L. Hu, M. Krstic, Stabilization of coupled linear heterodirectional hyperbolic PDE-ODE systems, accepted for publication in Automatica, 2017 PDF 
  • L. Hu, R. Vazquez, F. Di Meglio, M. Krstic, Boundary exponential stabilization of a 1-d inhomogeneous quasilinear hyperbolic system, submitted to SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, in review, 2017 
  • J. Auriol, F. Di Meglio, Minimum time control of heterodirectional linear coupled hyperbolic PDEs, Automatica, Volume: 71, pp. 300-307, 2016 PDF
  • Aarsnes, U. J. F., Di Meglio, F., Graham, R., & Aamo, O. M., A methodology for classifying operating regimes in underbalanced-drilling operations, SPE Journal, 21(02), 423-433, 2016 PDF
  • U. J. F. Aarsnes, A. Ambrus, F. Di Meglio, A. K. Vajargah, O. M. Aamo, E. van Oort, A simplified two-phase flow model using a quasi-equilibrium momentum balance, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Volume 83, pp. 77-85, July 2016 PDF
  • M. Bin, F. Di Meglio, Boundary estimation of parameters for linear hyperbolic PDEs, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Volume PP, Issue: 99, December 2016 PDF
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  • F. Di Meglio, R. Vazquez, M. Krstic, Stabilization of a system of n+1 coupled first-order hyperbolic linear PDEs with a single boundary input, IEEE transactions on Automatic Control, Volume: 58, Issue: 12, pp. 3097 - 3111, August 2013 PDF
  • F. Di Meglio, G.-O. Kaasa, N. Petit, V. Alstad, Stabilization of slugging in oil production facilities with or without upstream pressure sensors, Journal of Process Control, Volume: 22, Issue: 4, pp. 809-822, April 2012. PDF
  • T. Rabbani, F. Di Meglio, X. Litrico, A. Bayen, Feed-Forward Control of Open Channel Flow Using Differential Flatness, in press, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Volume: 18, Issue: 1, pp. 213 - 221, 2009 PDF

Publications: conference papers

  • J. Auriol, F. Di Meglio, Two sided boundary stabilization of two linear hyperbolic PDEs in minimum time, in Proc. of the 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2016 PDF
  • Anfinsen, H., Di Meglio, F., & Aamo, O. M., Estimating the left boundary condition of coupled 1-D linear hyperbolic PDEs from right boundary sensing, in Proc. of the European Control Conference, 2016 PDF Best student paper award (link)
  • D. Bresch-Pietri, F. Di Meglio, Prediction-based control of linear input-delay system subject to state-dependent state delay – Application to suppression of mechanical vibrations in drilling, 2nd IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by PDEs, Bertinoro, Italy, 2016 PDF
  • P.-O. Lamarre, F. Di Meglio, Adding an Integrator to Backstepping: Output Disturbances Rejection for Linear Hyperbolic Systems, American Control Conference, Boston, MA, USA, 2016 PDF
  • F. Di Meglio, U. J. F. Aarsnes, A distributed parameter systems view of control problems in drilling, to appear in IFAC Oil & Gas Workshop 2015, Florianopolis, Brazil, 2015 PDF
  • L. Hu, F. Di Meglio, Finite-Time backstepping boundary stabilization of 3x3 hyperbolic systems, European Control Conference, Linz, Austria, 2015 PDF
  • C. Le Floch, F. Di Meglio, S. J. Moura, Optimal charging of Vehicle-to-Grid fleets via PDE aggregation techniques, American Control Conference, Chicago, IL, 2015 PDF
  • F. Di Meglio, D. Bresch-Pietri & U. J. F. Aarsnes, An adaptive observer for hyperbolic systems with application to UnderBalanced Drilling, IFAC World Congress 2014, 2014, 11391-11397 PDF
  • U. J. F. Aarsnes, F. Di Meglio, O. M. Aamo, & G.-O. Kaasa, Fit-for-Purpose Modeling for Automation of Underbalanced Drilling Operations, SPE/IADC Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations Conference & Exhibition, 8-9 April, Madrid, Spain, 2014 PDF
  • U. J. F. Aarsnes, F. Di Meglio, S. Evje, & O. M. Aamo, Control-Oriented Drift-Flux Modeling of Single and Two-Phase Flow for Drilling, ASME 2014 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2014 PDF 
  • F. Di Meglio, R. Vazquez & M. Krstic, A backstepping boundary observer for a class of linear first-order hyperbolic systems, European Conference on Control, 2013 PDF
  • C. Sagert, F. Di Meglio, M. Krstic, P. Rouchon, Backstepping and flatness approaches for stabilization of the stick-slip phenomenon for drilling, 5th Symposium on System Structure and Control in Grenoble, France, February 2013 PDF
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  • F. Di Meglio, G.-O. Kaasa, N. Petit, V. Alstad, Slugging in multiphase flow as a mixed initial-boundary value problem for a quasilinear hyperbolic system, in Proc. of the 2011 American Control Conference, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2011 PDF
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  • F. Di Meglio, T. Rabbani, X. Litrico, A. Bayen, Feed-Forward River Flow Control Using Differential Flatness, in Proc. of the 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Cancun, Mexico, 2008 PDF

Ph.D. Committees

  • Ying Tang, Stability analysis and Tikhonov approximation for linear singularly perturbed hyperbolic systems, Gipsa-Lab, 2015
  • Christoph Joseph Backi, "Modeling, Estimation and Control of Freezing and Thawing Processes: Theory and Applications", NTNU, 2015.

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