Coding wavelets the easy way

This is the home of my new Matlab tutorial for wavelets. A previous version can be accessed here. The difference with this new version is that the new version
  • is now in English
  • uses the structures introduced in Matlab 5. This allows, for instance, to wrap both the data and the instant at which the data begins. More inportantly, it allows to save in one variable a whole wavelet transform.
Basically, this tutorial uses the filter bank structure; a short review of these wavelet filter banks can be found here and the web pages that follow this location.
An online wavelet tutorial is here; the french version is here.
A pdf version of a short presentation on wavelets is here. It is very close to what you will do in this tutorial.

Since this is a Matlab tutorial, it is assumed that you have Matlab running on your computer with version 5 or later.