Wavelets for
Nonlinear Systems

The Polynomial Approach



François Chaplais
Centre Automatique et Systèmes
Ecole des Mines de Paris

Presented at CDC'98

12/11/98: MATLAB demos should be available soon; mail me a message if you wish to get a notice when they are ready. They use the freeware Uviwave package, which has an nice demo on wavelets. Very raw scripts are available on request, but I'd rather give them flexibility and interface before putting them on FTP. If you want to know more on wavelets, please visit my presentation of Stéphane Mallat's book on the subject; of course, you can also buy his book...

1/4/99: MATLAB demos have been added for the two wavelet examples; no interface at this stage. Proofs on the product shift invariance and nonlinear Strang and Fix conditions are now available in PDF (Acrobat 3) format. Acrobat Reader, which displays and prints PDF files, is available at the Adobe Web Site.