MINES ParisTech CAS - Centre automatique et systèmes


Séance du jeudi 16 février 2016, Salle L106, 14h00-16h00
15h00 : Y. Jérémy Kaminski, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel
We study the singularities of locally flat systems, motivated by the solution, if it exists, of the global motion planning problem for such systems. More precisely, flat outputs may be only locally defined because of the existence of points where they are singular (a notion that will be made clear later), thus preventing from planning trajectories crossing these points. Such points are of different types.
Some of them can be easily ruled out by considering another non singular flat output, defined on an open set intersecting the domain of the former one and well defined at the point
in question.
However, it might happen that no well-defined flat outputs exist at all at some points.
We call these points intrinsic singularities and the other ones app.
A rigorous defintion of these points is introduced in terms of atlas and charts in the framework of the differential geometry of jets of infinite order and Lie-Backlund isomorphisms.
We then give a criterion allowing to effectively compute intrinsic singularities.
Finally, we show how our results apply to global motion planning of the well-known example of non holonomic car.